Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak was enlightened human being who shared his message of “Ek Ong Kar” across XV and XVI century in India and Asia (from Syria to Nepal and Bhutan). Nanak was a poet, trubadur, artist and spiritual leader. Nanak was writer and Nanak was to become the first Guru of Sikhs.

Nanak was awakened soul and through his spiritual insight, humility, service in sharing his shabads, love and compassion he was followed by many who have met him. Guru Nanak was many steps ahead of his times. He proclaimed total equality between people regardless of their cast, race, sex or religion. All that was happening in politically challenging times of Mughal Empire (islamic) invasions into Indian subcontinent.

Guru Nanak’s traveling

Guru Nanak was moved by the plight of the people of world and wanted to tell them about the “real message of God”. The people of the world were confused by the conflicting message given by priests, pundits, qazis, mullahs, etc. He was determined to bring his message to the masses; so in 1499, he decided to set out on his sacred mission to spread the holy message of peace and compassion to all of mankind.

It is believed that Guru Nanak is the the second most travelled person in the world; most of his journeys (udasis) were made on foot with his companion Bhai Mardana, who was his closest friend, musician and muslim by faith. In 1500, he embarked on his Divine Mission and went towards east, west, north and south and visited various centers of Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Jainis, Sufis, Yogis and Sidhas. He met people of different religions, tribes, cultures and races. The founder Sikh Guru is believed to have travelled more than 28,000 Kms in five major tours of the world during the period from 1500 to 1524.

Siddh Gosht

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Ramkali First Dialogue with yogis by Guru Nanak

This text is particular and valuable for kundalini yoga practitioners. Guru Nanak shares many insights and wisdom of what “real yoga is”. The whole exchange with Sidhasis – yogis who gained powers over elements – is very dynamic, inspiring and so much adequate and timeless.

Siddh means a mystic adept in yoga who has attained yogic powers over the five elements and gosht means discourse or dialogue. It is one of Guru Nanak’s long compositions and is recorded in Sri Guru Sahib Granth Sahib on pages 938 to 946. It is a recollection by Guru Nanak of major points of the discourses that took place between the Sidhas and Guru Nanak during his visit to Sidhi yogis (yogis with powers over elements). This is meeting is said to have taken place at Sumer mountain in the Himalayas.

We were much touched by words of Guru Nanak and we wanted to share and promote this text with our students and within yogic Sangat.

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