Japji Sahib is a spiritual hymn by Guru Nanak. It begins with Mul Mantra and words: Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam – Creator and creation are one.  True Identity.

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Japji sahib – gurmukhi, roman and english

Japji – english translation only

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Why we practice Japji?

Japji Sahib plays an important role in Kundalini Yoga practice, as we start our day with recitation of Japji in morning Aquarian Sadhana.

“Guru Nanak gave us Japji. Jap means repeated reciprocal creative power. Jap means when we recite and what we recite takes mind, body and soul.
Jap requires consciousness, intelligence and personality. It requires soul, mind and body. Ji means the soul, the inner self, the eternal self, the excellent self, the infinite self. That is called Ji. Ji energy is what the universal energy is. Guru Nanak gave you Jap of the Ji. That’s why the name is Japji. It is recitation of that Ji. It is called multiple soul; it’s called infinite soul. ” – Yogi Bhajan

Japji connects the practitioner directly to own soul. It works with Soul Body and takes practitioner to the depth.

Yogi Bhajan was asked why to recite Japji in the morning, and he answered:
“Because that will put your G in the repeated compartment of infinity, that’s what Japji does. G, the source of life this G energy, the part of GOD in the totality of us, part of GOD in the very molecule of us, part of GOD in the atom of us, it will repeatedly compromise with it to the harmony and self-projection which you will enjoy. That’s what Japji does.’
I said, ‘When you read it, the tongue touches the hypothalamus, the mind touches the radiation in the very fact of the center of your being and pineal will radiate to the frequency of three and half which you
call Kundalini Shakti and your body will start responding to it, adversity will become even mild. That is the power.’”